Monday, January 15, 2018


It seems like every year this happens, but the west regions provide a problem.
- The last 4 regional spots to fill in this bracket were San Diego, San Diego, Boise, and Boise.  This means Clemson and Michigan St lose out in this bracket
- When I did version 1, the west score added up to 39.  Um, not good.  This ultimately meant that someone on the 3 line had to bite the bullet and go west.  This means UNC, despite being ranked higher than Clemson, goes west while Clemson gets the east regional
- This highlights one thing to watch in the ACC (and to a lesser extent, the Big 12).  Really, only the top 2 teams in each league will be protected during site placement.  3rd might not be good enough, because if the wrong imbalance happens to appear, that third team will be the one shifted to the west regional to balance things out.  One thing that helps the Big 12 is that west isn't too bad, and WVU is there to take the east regional.  But one ACC team is going to get shipped west
- All that said, I expect Arizona to win a bunch and ascend to the 3 or 2 line and make some of this moot.  But still, something to watch

1) Villanova vs. 16) FGCU/Bethune-Cookman
8) Louisville vs. 9) Arkansas
4) Clemson vs. 13) South Dakota St
5) Seton Hall vs. 12) William & Mary
3) Kentucky vs. 14) Wright St
6) Ohio St vs. 11) St Bonaventure/Providence
2) West Virginia vs. 15) Penn
7) Rhode Island vs. 10) Marquette

1) Purdue vs. 16) New Orleans/Jackson St
8) Florida St vs. 9) Missouri
@San Diego
4) Arizona vs. 13) Vermont
5) Tennessee vs. 12) Middle Tennessee
3) North Carolina vs. 14) East Tennessee St
6) TCU vs. 11) Maryland/Houston
2) Texas Tech vs. 15) Cal St-Fullerton
7) Nevada vs. 10) St Mary's

1) Duke vs. 16) Gardner-Webb
8) Butler vs. 9) Notre Dame
4) Michigan St vs. 13) Drake
5) Cincinnati vs. 12) Buffalo
3) Wichita St vs. 14) Canisius
6) Gonzaga vs. 11) Syracuse
2) Oklahoma vs. 15) Montana
7) Creighton vs. 10) Texas A&M

1) Virginia vs. 16) Robert Morris
8) Michigan vs. 9) Texas
@San Diego
4) Arizona St vs. 13) Louisiana
5) Auburn vs. 12) New Mexico St
3) Kansas vs. 14) Belmont
6) Miami vs. 11) UCLA
2) Xavier vs. 15) Boston U
7) Florida vs. 10) Boise St

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