Thursday, February 9, 2017

2/8 recap

@Florida St 95, NC State 71
Pittsburgh 83, @Boston College 72
@Miami 74, Virginia Tech 68 - in bubble v. bubble games, when the home teams win, it's pretty close to status quo for both teams.  The real news is if the road team wins.  Here, I'm not particularly motivated to move either team too much

Big 12:
Baylor 72, @Oklahoma St 69 - OSU's been on a bit of a run, so it's ok they lost this game, but they can't afford to be further below .500 in the conference.  Gotta make sure this is the low mark
@West Virginia 61, Oklahoma 50

Big East:
@Xavier 72, DePaul 61
@Seton Hall 72, Providence 70 (OT) - SHU insists on doing the bare minimum to get an at-large bid

@Tennessee 75, Ole Miss 66 - Tennessee needs to avoid losses (duh!), but with 10 already, they have to win all these swing games
@Texas A&M 76, Missouri 73

@Ohio St 70, Rutgers 64
@Minnesota 101, Iowa 89 (2OT) - playing with fire, Minny is

@Arizona 74, Stanford 67
California 68, Arizona St 43 - road wins are never trivial

@Cincinnati 60, UCF 50 - at some point, we need to figure out exactly what we want to do with Cincy's seed.  Not an easy job when they're going to be surrounded by ACC teams with signature wins everywhere on the S-Curve.  They're just not going to have the quality wins available.  You can make an excellent argument that with the AAC down, this is a 6 seed type resume.
Houston 91, @Tulane 62

VCU 54, @George Washington 53 - you do realize VCU's resume is thin, and 2 bad losses would send them careening way off the bubble
NIT bubble watch...Bonaventure wins, Mason wins at Davidson, LaSalle wins.

@Nevada 104, UNLV 77

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