Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2/28 recap

@Kentucky 73, Vanderbilt 67 - dammit.  Dammit all to hell.  You coulda made me look good, Vandy
@South Carolina 63, Mississippi St 57

@Duke 75, Florida St 70 - FSU is in big trouble now of going west - UNC/UL/Dook have separated as the top 3
@Georgia Tech 61, Pittsburgh 52 - well, you can only win the games in front of you, and GT needs every single one.  Bubble death match coming against Syracuse

@Purdue 86, Indiana 75 - sigh
Maryland 79, @Rutgers 59 - road wins are never tri....well this one was kinda trivial

Big 12:
@Iowa St 86, Oklahoma St 83 - we've advanced to the point where this game was only about seeding

Big East:
@Seton Hall 62, Georgetown 59 - every win at this point in the season is a big win
@Creighton 82, St John's 68
@Providence 73, DePaul 64 - every win is big

Big South 1st round:
Charleston Southern 79, Longwood 74
Campbell 81, Presbyterian 62

Patriot League 1st round:
Army 74, American 58
Loyola(MD) 67, Lafayette 64

Miami(OH) beats Akron on the road.  What.  Akron is doing legitimate damage to its seed now, the 14 line is in play
NITWatch:  A&M beat Mizzou...Davidson over Bonaventure, which helps Richmond...Ohio St beats Penn St on the road.  Perhaps in a parallel world, OSU wins out until Selection Sunday and becomes a factor...Fresno wins on the road at Boise, Colorado St holds at home over Wyoming.  Still think Boise and CSU are NIT teams

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