Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2/14 recap

Notre Dame 84, @Boston College 76
@Clemson 95, Wake Forest 83 - Clemson's not quite dead, but a home win like this does not move the needle.  Wake's gotta win one of these someday
Virginia Tech 66, @Pittsburgh 63 - road wins are never trivial.  Pitt was close to dead; this might do it just because going on a run in this conference is impossible.  VT is inching towards safety

Big 12:
did you know ESPN2 televised Oklahoma/Texas on this night instead of many of these other games?   Good thing we caught that OU win, huh

@Kentucky 83, Tennessee 58 - UT's got a loss accumulation problem they're not going to get over, it seems
Florida 114, @Auburn 95 - Auburn needs something big to get into the bubble picture...this was supposed to be it
@Georgia 79, Mississippi St 72 - Georgia isn't dead, but they need to string a bunch of these together, fast
@Ole Miss 96, LSU 76 - same deal for Ole Miss.  String 'em together

@Purdue 74, Rutgers 55
@Michigan St 74, Ohio St 66 - OSU needed something noteworthy to get all the way back in the bubble picture, didn't get it.  MSU needs to continue to hold serve
in NITWatch, Nebraska beat Penn St at home

@VCU 91, St Joseph's 81
Dayton 85, @St Louis 63 - I can't imagine VCU or Dayton screwing this up at this point
in NIT bubble watch, Richmond lost at George Mason and I'm not sure the A-10 gets a 4th postseason team anymore

@New Mexico 78, Boise St 73 - just when people started to resurrect Boise, there goes that.  In other MWC news, Colorado St won at Wyoming, and actually lead at 10-4.  Ahead of Boise (9-4), Nevada (8-4), and UNM (9-5).  Kind of an interesting NIT bubble race too.  Nevada and Boise would appear to be safe for that, but CSU and UNM aren't.

@Akron 71, Toledo 65
in NITWatch, Iona lost again and probably has locked the MAAC out of a NIT at-large bid...UCF beat Tulsa to remain alive...

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