Thursday, February 16, 2017

2/16 recap

Not much today.  Lots of NITWatch.

Arizona 78, @Washington St 59
@Oregon 79, Utah 61 - Utah is quickly running out of chances to be relevant
NITWatch:  Colorado beats Oregon St, is probably a good bet for the NIT at this point
also, how is Washington 9-17?  How are they losing to ASU at home?

@Michigan 64, Wisconsin 58 - well Michigan is winning games and starting to beat decent teams.  They're going in the opposite direction of most bubble teams, which counts for something.  Meanwhile, Wisky is doing real damage to their seed

NITWatch:  Vandy beat A&M at home...that's a NIT team if they finish .500

UConn beats Memphis at, this AAC insists on killing itself as much as possible.  All these teams navigating towards .500 in the conference is just going to hurt SMU and Cincy more and more

@Gonzaga 96, San Francisco 61
@St Mary's 81, Loyola Marymount 48

Middle Tennessee 78, @Western Kentucky 52

UNC-Wilmington and Charleston both won on the road...both safely in the NIT, both too far away from the NCAA bubble

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