Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2/15 recap

North Carolina 97, @NC State 73
Duke 65, @Virginia 55 - the matter of seeding all these ACC teams are just getting more complicated.  I just have this weird feeling that the committee is going to eye test Duke to a better seed.  Virginia, though, might be better off.  As the 4th best ACC team, they'd be ticketed for the west region, governed by the 4-in-4 rule.  As the 5th best ACC team, they can end up basically anywhere
@Miami 70, Georgia Tech 61 - it's certainly a big ask to GT to win this game, but this doesn't help.  Status quo for both teams going forward

Big 12:
Iowa St 87, @Kansas St 79 - some damage to K-State here - you have to hold your ground in these bubble games at home.  ISU meanwhile continues to figure out a way to stay a half step ahead of the bubble
Oklahoma St 71, @TCU 68 - in bubble v. bubble games, home wins are status quo for both teams, and road wins are incredibly damaging to the home team.  Well, here we have OSU playing their way well into the field and TCU in some trouble.  We're getting clarity in the Big 12 where ISU and OSU are bubble-in and KSU and TCU are true bubblers

Big East:
@Seton Hall 87, Creighton 81 - well, this is one situation taken advantage of.  This win doesn't cure everything, but this is one of the pieces they needed.  Meanwhile, Creighton isn't hurt too badly, just because there's a pretty large gap between the 6-7 lines and the 8-10 lines
@Butler 110, St John's 86
@Providence 75, Xavier 63 - well, if Provi is insisting, we'll put them back in play on the bubble.  By the way, X is doing a bit of damage to their seed here

Arkansas 83, @South Carolina 76 - road wins are everything.  EVERYTHING
Alabama 57, @Missouri 54

Maryland 74, @Northwestern 64 - a couple weeks ago I said Northwestern needed a big win or two.  The good news is the Wisky win made this game optional for their resume
@Minnesota 75, Indiana 74 - Indiana's in trouble.  And Minnesota should finally be in safety and everything going forward should be about seeding

Cincinnati 68, @South Florida 54
@SMU 80, Tulane 75 - in this year, simply winning all the games you should matters

Fordham 53, @Rhode Island 43 - what an incredibly stupid way to fall off the bubble

Wichita St 87, @Southern Illinois 68
Illinois St 67, @Missouri St 66
Nevada 78, @Air Force 59


HenryMuto said...

Xavier was without their best player Trevon. That should count for something as we hear time and again how teams without their star players are given credit for that.

Andrew said...

It seems like this happens more and more often these days, teams missing their best player for a game or two here and there. I wonder if most of this stuff will even out for everyone over time.

It's a really good question, asking the committee what the threshold is on considering player absences.