Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2/21 recap

@Virginia Tech 71, Clemson 70 - I just want to get rid of Clemson for good this year.  Can we finally do that?  Please?
NC State 71, @Georgia Tech 69 - ugly, ugly, just awful home loss against the rare ACC team that's done for the year.  Just awful

Big East:
@Marquette 93, St John's 71 - service hold

Big 12:
@Baylor 60, Oklahoma 54

Purdue 74, @Penn St 70 - I think this whole damned conference is a travesty at this point.  Good teams should act like they're good
@Illinois 66, Northwestern 50 - Um.  NU.  Do try and finish this season off, will you?  Let's not tempt fate
@Iowa 96, Indiana 90 (OT) - good God, Indiana, what the hell is your problem?  What is this entire conference's problem?  What an disaster, up and down the entire league.  Go ahead, tell me a program that isn't failing this season.  Purdue's down, Wisky's down, Maryland's light, everyone but Northwestern is below where they should be

Kentucky 72, @Missouri 62
@Florida 81, South Carolina 66 - no harm to USC, but the next loss is going to start to hurt a bit
Auburn 98, @LSU 75 - NIT bubble game!
Ole Miss 87, @Mississippi St 82 (OT) - road wins are never trivial...but Ole Miss is still near-dead

Rhode Island 67, @LaSalle 56 - I guess, according to some, they still matter
@Dayton 83, George Mason 70
@Richmond 84, Davidson 76 - NIT bubble game!

@Wichita St 109, Evansville 83
@Bowling Green 66, Akron 65 - welp.  Hey, Monmouth and Valpo won their games as league leaders
Colorado St 68, @New Mexico 56 - road wins are never trivial.  Alas, CSU can only get in the way of Boise and Nevada at this point, and knock UNM out of the NIT and take their place.  Which isn't nothing


Unknown said...

Minnesota over performing big guy.

Unknown said...

Minnesota over performing big guy.

HenryMuto said...

Akron got screwed.