Monday, February 13, 2017

2/13 recap

Big East:
Villanova 75, @DePaul 62 - in an unrelated note, I think we have to have a conversation about Nova v. Kansas for #1 overall at some point

Big 12:
@Kansas 84, West Virginia 80 (OT) - this probably locks WVU out of the top 2 lines for good
@Texas Tech 84, Baylor 78 - I mean, what?  What is this unholy mess?  Gonzaga will take the upgrade to the #3 overall seed now.  Baylor v. UNC is a discussion for the last 1's still Baylor's for now.  Also, as a follow-up to an earlier post....the Pac-12 teams (Oregon/Arizona) should be rooting for Gonzaga to keep moving up

Louisville 76, @Syracuse 72 (OT) - road wins are never trivial.  Louisville can probably smell blood from the Baylor loss too.  Syracuse has a brutal finish - GT twice, Duke, @Lv.  The good news for us is that the question of whether they belong in this tournament will get answered pretty clearly

Fun Belt:
entering the day, we had Georgia St/Georgia Southern/Arkansas St all on 9-3.
@Coastal Carolina 65, Georgia St 64
@Appalachian St 83, Georgia Southern 78
@Texas St 62, Arkansas St 58
@Texas-Arlington 71, Little Rock 55
and now they all trail Texas-Arlington, which has at-large resume substance in the resume....kind of.  3 bad road losses in conference play has doomed them, but if they run the table, there's been worse at-large bids given in tournament history

Monmouth wins again, up to 22-5 overall and improving its seed slowly.  Bucknell wins and continues to lead the Patriot.  NC Central ditto with the MEAC.  Texas Southern lost, but still lead the SWAC by a half-game.  Notable because TSU could likely avoid the PIG if they get in.

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