Friday, February 3, 2017

2/2 recap

Arizona 71, @Oregon St 54
@Oregon 71, Arizona St 70 - that was nearly the catastrophic loss of the year
@California 77, Utah 75 (2OT) - a very critical hold at home for Cal, can't survive on the bubble losing these kinds of games.  Utah needed a game like this to get back to the bubble, though
Colorado 81, @Stanford 74 - NIT bubble action!

@Florida 93, Missouri 54

Michigan St 72, @Nebraska 61 - road wins are never trivial

Gonzaga 85, @BYU 75 - a road win that actually does help the resume a bit
St Mary's 74, @Pacific 70

Memphis 85, @South Florida 75 - still not really a viable at-large candidate...yet

Charleston 67, @UNC-Wilmington 66 - this probably ends the last bit of hope for a UNCW at-large bid.  But now the conference is in play, these two are tied.  And both resumes look good enough for a NIT bid right now, which isn't nothing

Middle Tennessee 69, @Texas-San Antonio 59

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