Thursday, January 8, 2015

1/7 recap

Let's do this conference-by-conference:

@Virginia 61, NC State 51
Syracuse 46, @Georgia Tech 45 - pretty important road win for Syracuse, and a pretty bad loss for a bubble team trying to prove they belong
Duke 73, @Wake Forest 65
@Louisville 58, Clemson 52

@Utah 74, Colorado 49 - getting blown out isn't a good look for a bubble team
@USC 71, California 57 - Cal has slid off the grid

Florida 72, @South Carolian 68 - so, USC can't handle prosperity.  That's a shame; there was a real chance of separating from the pack.  Now they're lumped in with UF
Tennessee 61, @Mississippi St 47 - I do suppose some have UT around the fringes of the bubble

Big 12:
Kansas 56, @Baylor 55
@Kansas St 58, TCU 53 - currently laughing at all the TCU supporters

@Wisconsin 62, Purdue 55
@Illinois 64, Maryland 57 - a very important kind of win for a bubble team - the home hold over a tourney team.  Maryland won't be hurt too badly, but these are the types of results that turn your 3 seed into a 6

Big East:
@Xavier 69, Seton Hall 58 - frankly, SHU built up so much equity last week that this was predictable.  They're still in fine shape
DePaul 70, @Creighton 60 - DePaul is 3-0 in the conference.  EVERYBODY PANIC

@VCU 71, Davidson 65 - now, the hart part for Davidson - asserting themselves as the A-10 #2

Temple 64, @Tulane 56 - so we know Tulane is a pretender...getting closer and closer to believing Temple is legitimate business, though
@Rhode Island 68, Fordham 65
UMass 71, @LaSalle 65

Wyoming 60, @Colorado St 54 - how about a signature road win?  CSU can't afford to give up too much ground here, by the way...
Nevada 64, @UNLV 62 - here's your catastrophic loss of the day.  UNLV already had marginal losses.  This is beyond marginal

The MAC might need its own breakdown.  Tonight, Buffalo wins on the road and EMU fails to hold at home.  I can't figure any of them out.
Over in the MVC, Wichita and UNI hold serve.  Loyola beats Evansville on the road to stake claim to a clear 3rd right now, but they don't matter to the bubble yet.

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