Monday, March 16, 2015

CBI/CIT snubs

Best teams not to make the postseason are as follows.  I'm excluding teams who were known to reject CBI/CIT bids outright, and also excluding teams from top conferences (including the A-10).

Georgia Southern
These are the 5 teams who appear to have been truly snubbed from the CBI/CIT perspective.  I'm not sure how many of them did turn down bids, just not publicly.  But these 5 in general are postseason worthy teams.

Teams who have an argument, solely because a lesser conference mate did get in a postseason tournament:  Bryant, Mount St Mary's, Morehead St.

So the lessons?
1) Playing late in the week, even on Selection Sunday, hurts your chances.  I'm looking at the possible miss of Georgia Southern and Yale in particular.
2) Conference mates can be leapfrogged if you're willing to host a game.
3) The CIT and CBI might be jumping the gun on invites.  It's clear they didn't plan out their bids quite right and accidentally left a couple good teams on the table.  There are 3 glaring, GLARING mistakes: Yale, Chattanooga, and Ga Southern.  Monmouth and Hawaii, okay, things happen.  But the other 3 shouldn't have been left out.

Returning to an earlier post:
Teams who didn't earn a bid but got one:  St Francis(PA), Eastern Illinois, Colorado, Delaware St, Seattle
Borderline teams that I don't mind getting a bid...that much:  UMES, Dartmouth, Canisius, IPFW, Portland, UT-Martin

If you replace my five teams there with my first five teams listed've got the field nailed.  For the most part, they nailed it anyways.  I give the CBI/CIT a B this year for their efforts.

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