Saturday, March 14, 2015

3/15 preview

SEC finals:  Arkansas/Kentucky...this would be worth multiple seeding lines to Arkansas if they get this
A-10 finals:  VCU and Dayton...I could see the committee just ignoring this game, they've got bigger fish to fry
AAC finals:  UConn/SMU.  They will need to build contingencies for this game.  I'm guessing they'll save a spot on the 11 line for UConn
Big 10 finals:  Wisky/Michigan St.  Contingencies here too.  Wisky will have to hold to stay a 1 seed because Duke/UVa/Arizona are too strong.  Committee can't ignore this game like they have in previous years
Sun Belt finals:  Georgia St/Georgia Southern in one last NIT bid poach watch

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