Monday, March 16, 2015

Actual NIT bracket (and thoughts)

Let's see how the NIT screwed this thing up.

1) Temple vs. 8) Bucknell
4) Pittsburgh vs. 5) George Washington
3) Louisiana Tech vs. 6) Central Michigan
2) Texas A&M vs. 7 Montana
I'm a bit surprised at Louisiana Tech's seed.  That suggests a clear at-large bid to the NIT, and them being within 10 or so of the NCAA bubble.  I'm wondering if that was a procedural bump or geographical bump to help mitigate travel.  Everyone else is seeded appropriately.

1) Richmond vs. 8) St Francis(NY)
4) UConn vs. 5) Arizona St
3) Illinois vs. 6) Alabama
2) Miami vs. 7) North Carolina Central
Arizona St and Alabama are both marginal selections, IMO.  Below-average power conference teams, I would prefer to see mid-major teams in their place.  I had both out, but not far out at least.  Meanwhile, UConn as a 4 seed is criminal.  No, they're not a NCAA tournament team, but they do have a reasonable resume.

1) Colorado St vs. 8) South Dakota St
4) St Mary's vs. 5) Vanderbilt
3) Rhode Island vs. 6) Iona
2) Stanford vs. 7) UC-Davis
Vanderbilt is the one I don't get.  At the least, I had Alabama over them, and the committee went Vandy.  Did they just see the win-loss record and go with it?  At least they're making them travel a bit.  Although I'd swap Arizona St and Vandy in the brackets.  Who cares if conference mates meet in the quarterfinals of this tournament?

1) Old Dominion vs. 8) Charleston Southern
4) Illinois St vs. 5) Green Bay
3) Murray St vs. 6) UTEP
2) Tulsa vs. 7) William & Mary
Holy mid-major batman.

NIT's last teams in:
Green Bay
Arizona St
George Washington

I missed Vandy/Arizona St/Alabama.  I had in:  Yale, Memphis, South Carolina.

South Carolina is a curious omission, if only because they have better wins than their other SEC teams.  I actually give them credit for leaving blueblood Memphis out; I thought they'd go the other way.  Yale is the omission that really, really bothers me.

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