Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Best RPIs out of tournament/NIT

An annual tradition.  Every year, I shall present, without comment, the highest RPIs left out of the NCAA and NIT tournaments.  And the lowest RPIs that made such tournaments.

Highest RPIs left out of NCAAs:
Colorado St 29
Temple 34
Tulsa 45
Old Dominion 46
Iona 51
Louisiana Tech 54
Green Bay 55
Richmond 57
Stanford 59
Illinois St 62

Lowest RPIs in NCAAs:
Indiana 61
Ole Miss 60
LSU 58
Purdue 56
Oklahoma St 49

If selecting just based on pure RPI, Indiana/Ole Miss/LSU/Purdue would be out and Colorado St/Temple/Tulsa/ODU would be in.

Highest RPIs left out of NIT:
Yale 64
Florida 72 (under .500)
Toledo 79
Michigan 80 (under .500)
UMass 81
Sam Houston St 82
Memphis 83
UC Santa Barbara 87
High Point 89
South Carolina 91

Lowest RPIs in NIT:
Vanderbilt 104
Arizona St 102
Alabama 85
George Washington 84

If selecting just based on pure RPI, Yale/Toledo/UMass/Sam Houston St would be in, and Vandy/Arizona St/Alabama/George Washington would be out.

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