Wednesday, January 8, 2020

1/7 recap

Big 12:
Baylor 57, @Texas Tech 52 - I have a feeling every road win like this will be gold.  I expect Baylor to separate with Kansas at the top of the conference now
TCU 59, @Kansas St 57

@Maryland 67, Ohio St 55 - I have a feeling the B1G is going to place like 7 teams on the 3 line
@Rutgers 72, Penn St 61 - a pretty bad road loss.  I don't care what anything else says, Rutgers is a bad team
@Nebraska 76, Iowa 70 - terrible, terrible road loss

@Louisville 74, Miami 58
@Boston College 60, Virginia 53 - what?
Virginia Tech 67, @Syracuse 63

Kentucky 78, @Georgia 69
Florida 81, @South Carolina 68
Tennessee 69, @Missouri 59 - well, all the better road teams are winning road games.  That's not nothing
@Texas A&M 57, Ole Miss 47

Big East:
Villanova 64, @Creighton 59
Providence 81, @Marquette 80 (OT) - bad home loss

Houston 78, @Temple 74

@Northern Iowa 68, Indiana St 60
@Air Force 79, Utah St 60 - USU in real trouble now.  The conference cannot sustain an at-large profile with several holes


HenryMuto said...

Hope all is going well with you this year. I am not back into college basketball full time. I had 113 fantasy football teams this year so I basically catch what I can during football season but I don't go all in on basketball until around Christmas. Well we are here and I am back to watching every game possible.

I was sniffing around at some bracket projections (which are nearly impossible to do right now you need about half the conference season to go by to really see what we are working with).

Anyway the Rutgers comment you had was interesting. I was looking at a seed list yesterday they had Rutgers as a 7 seed and Kentucky as an 8 seed which I was wondering how that is possible but I didn't really look to break it down. I get Kentucky lost at home to Evansville which is terrible but they did beat Michigan State and Louisville.

Anyway good to be back I guess after a horrifying end to my fantasy football year.

ILLSC said...

Net of 21, 3-2 record against q1, 11-3 overall, but losing on the road to that team is a bad loss? Stop looking at the name and start looking at the team sheet, Rutgers is a q1 opponent no matter where you play them, and brace yourself, they are probably dancing this year.

HenryMuto said...

Wins over Seton Hall and Penn State pretty decent but Kentucky has higher level wins over Michigan State and Louisville. Both have a bad loss. Just saying I don't see how Rutgers is seeded higher than Kentucky right now I never said Rutgers wouldn't be in.

Not that any of this matters right now you really can't even put a bracket together right now you need to get about half the conference season in to really know what teams are really made of.