Friday, January 24, 2020

1/23 recap

@Indiana 67, Michigan St 63 - the entire top of the Big 10 might wind up on the 4 line
Minnesota 62, @Ohio St 59 - ok, now really worried about what to do with OSU

@Oregon 79, USC 70 (2OT) - game effort by USC, but this won't hurt them at least
@Colorado 78, Washington St 56
@Utah 67, Washington 66
UCLA 62, @Oregon St 58

@Houston 63, UConn 59

BYU 74, @Pacific 60
@St Mary's 58, San Francisco 48

@North Florida 71, Liberty 70 - probably the toughest game on the board for Liberty in conference play, but given how low the conference is, perfection was probably required for at-large relevancy

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HenryMuto said...

Amazing Ohio State still rates 14th in KenPom and 22 in the NET despite the terrible 1-6 record in their last 7. The Big Ten is a rough conference but they are bleeding home games and you can't have that. Will an 8-12 conf record get Ohio State into the dance ?

This team was once #1 in NET and #1 in KenPom and now tied for 12th in the Big Ten. Pretty nuts.