Monday, January 13, 2020

1/9 recap

Gonzaga 94, @San Diego 50
@St Mary's 87, BYU 84 (OT) - BYU's the one team that could really, really use a big conference win just in case for the resume.  Precious chance by the boards

@Michigan St 74, Minnesota 58
@Michigan 84, Purdue 78 (2OT) - that was almost a dumb loss

@Oregon 74, Arizona 73 (OT) - kind of a status quo game for both teams in my book
@Stanford 61, Washington 55
@Cal 73, Washington St 66
Arizona St 82, @Oregon St 76 - I'm struggling to get a read on the middle of the Pac-12 right now.  Feel confident that they can stretch to 6 bids, but struggling to identify them right now

@Wichita St 76, Memphis 67

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