Sunday, March 4, 2018

3/3 recap

@Virginia 62, Notre Dame 57 - some people are talking about Notre Dame.  Let's stop that.  The injury situation is unlucky and unfair, but teams are judged on their resume, what they did on the court.  UND didn't do enough.  Injuries are a factor in seeding once you're in the tournament, but can't impact the selection of the team in the first place.  UND needs to do serious damage in the ACCT
@Duke 74, North Carolina 64 - ok, Duke back to the 2 line, and I guess UNC to the 3?  This will be a very fluid situation next week, and frankly fans of both should be scoreboard watching, that'll impact both seeds here highly
@Syracuse 55, Clemson 52 - Clemson has lost some seed equity these last few weeks.  Is this enough for Syracuse?  Probably not
@Miami 69, Virginia Tech 68
@Florida St 85, Boston College 76
@NC State 76, Louisville 69 - we may need to leave UL out of the bracket after all

Xavier 65, @DePaul 62
@Villanova 97, Georgetown 73
@Providence 61, St John's 57
@Marquette 85, Creighton 81 - hmm
@Seton Hall 77, Butler 70

@Oklahoma St 82, Kansas 64 - ok, I want to drop Kansas, but who the hell is the 4th 1 seed?  I'm praying someone emerges.  Meanwhile, all of a sudden we're going to put ANOTHER Big 12 team on the bubble.  What a mess
@Texas Tech 79, TCU 75
@Texas 87, West Virginia 79 (OT) - needless to say, big win for Texas....and the 4 line is a mess right now.  I feel like I have 12 teams on the 5 line and 0 teams on the 4 line
@Kansas St 77, Baylor 67 - guys, I really don't want to put K-State in the bracket.  This is a problem

@Auburn 79, South Carolina 70
@Tennessee 66, Georgia 61
@Florida 80, Kentucky 67
@LSU 78, Mississippi St 57
@Texas A&M 68, Alabama 66 - we'll deal with Alabama's bubble hopes in the following days
@Missouri 77, Arkansas 67

@Arizona 66, Cal 54
Stanford 84, @Arizona St 83 - oh my god, ASU.  What are you doing
Oregon 72, @Washington 64 - whatever, Pac-12
@Utah 64, Colorado 54
UCLA 83, @USC 72 - UCLA seems like the bubble team of record in this conference

St Bonaventure 64, @St Louis 56

@San Diego St 79, Nevada 74 - boy.  Nevada is still home free, but they've spilled a couple seed lines with late losses
@Boise St 95, Wyoming 87

Marshall 76, @Middle Tennessee 67 - I just can't.
@UAB 101, Western Kentucky 73 - this hurts MT too.  Need elite opponents to make them look better

OVC final:
Murray St 68, Belmont 51

Big 10 semis:
Michigan 75, Michigan St 64 - I've railed on Michigan's non-con SoS, but signature wins do a great job of masking that.  They'll move up a bit as a result.  The trickier situation is MSU's seed.  I have no idea what to do
@Purdue 78, Penn St 70 - we should be able to safely put away PSU now

MVC semis:
Loyola(Chi) 62, Bradley 54
Illinois St 76, Southern Illinois 68 (OT)

WCC quarters:
Gonzaga 83, Loyola Marymount 69
St Mary's 69, Pepperdine 66
BYU 85, San Diego 79
San Francisco 71, Pacific 70 (OT)

NEC semis:
LIU 78, Fairleigh Dickinson 77
Wagner 75, Robert Morris 64

SoCon quarters:
UNC Greensboro 72, Citadel 58
Wofford 73, Mercer 53
East Tennessee St 77, Chattanooga 59
Furman 97, Western Carolina 73

AEast quarters:
UMBC 89, UMass Lowell 77
Hartford 71, New Hampshire 60
Vermont 75, Maine 60

Horizon quarters:
Wright St 87, Green Bay 72
Cleveland St 89, Northern Kentucky 80 - a pretty severe upset

MAAC quarters:
Fairfield 90, Niagara 77
Iona 72, Manhattan 60

Summit quarters:
South Dakota St 66, Western Illinois 60
South Dakota 87, Omaha 73

CAA 1st round:
Drexel 70, James Madison 62
Delaware 86, Elon 79


HenryMuto said...

Saint Mary's lucky to beat the 325th RPI ranked team Pepperdine!

I see no way they are seeded as high as you have them at 7 seed if they lost last night they might have missed the tournament.

What is it about that resume you love so much ? Is it that 1 quad 1 win ? Or the 2 quad 2 wins ?

They even lost to Washington State!

Andrew said...

Remember, seeding and selection are different things. In terms of selection, they're about the 35th team in, in my book. But in seeding, the advanced metrics have them an average of 28th, and while we are very good at de-emphasizing overall record....28-4 is still 28-4.

That said, bad performance today hurts that narrative, so they may drop a spot or two.