Wednesday, March 7, 2018

WAC tournament preview

This is part 30 of a 32-part preview.

New Mexico St 12-2
Utah Valley 10-4
Grand Canyon 9-5
Seattle 8-6
UT-RGV 6-8
Cal St-Bakersfield 5-9
UMKC 5-9
Chicago St 1-13

March 8-10.  And you'll never guess the location.  Vegas.

1) New Mexico St vs. 8) Chicago St
4) Seattle vs. 5) UT-RGV
3) Grand Canyon vs. 6) UMKC
2) Utah Valley vs. 7) Cal St-Bakersfield

The stakes:
Our final meaningful preview, with one last bubble team on the board.  Yes, New Mexico St.  1-3 vs. Group 1, 4-0 vs. Group 2, non-con SoS 75, 8-3 road record.  All more or less okay or good.  2 Group 3 losses, though.  Win over Miami looms large right now.  Unfortunately there's a couple dumb losses, plus a key head-to-head at St Mary's.  They're viable and ultimately I can't make the case for them, but they'll be on the consideration board at the end if it comes to it.

Utah Valley actually has a RPI in the NIT range but the rest of the profile doesn't hold.  They can join GCU and Seattle as CIT-eligible.

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