Friday, March 2, 2018

CAA conference tournament preview

This is part 13 of a 32-part series.

Charleston 14-4
Northeastern 14-4
Hofstra 12-6
William & Mary 11-7
Towson 8-10
UNC-Wilmington 7-11
Elon 6-12
Delaware 6-12
Drexel 6-12
James Madison 6-12

March 3-6.  Charleston is the host.  Hmm

1) Charleston vs. 8/9) Drexel/James Madison
4) William & Mary vs. 5) Towson
3) Hofstra vs. 6) UNC-Wilmington
2) Northeastern vs. 7/10) Delaware/Elon

The stakes:
Conference RPI 12.  Down just a bit from previous years, but still pretty strong.  The bottom of the conference was the issue this year with their slide.

But yet again, they are just good enough to just miss being relevant in the at-large race.  Northeastern did at least try to schedule up and give themselves chances, but didn't cash in on any of them.  Charleston didn't do anything with their non-con. 

So in the end, it feels like the 13 line is the destination for this conference champ, unless we get someone funny winning this.  Northeastern actually has a very good shot at the 12 line, but Charleston, Hofstra, and Bill & Mary are safe bets for the 13 line.  Actually, I wonder about Northeastern and a potential NIT at-large bid (Charleston has the autobid).  Further down, Towson is CIT eligible if you care about that.

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