Wednesday, January 4, 2017

1/3 recap

Big 12:
@Kansas 90, Kansas St 88 - KSU has SoS problems.  The type of problem only solvable with signature wins.  Needless to say, this was a big moment gone by the boards for them
@Texas Tech 77, West Virginia 76 - same situation for TTU - weak SoS.  However, they seized their moment and their situation is much better than yesterday
@TCU 60, Oklahoma 57 - OU is toast, and TCU is relevant.  Important service hold for TCU

North Carolina 89, @Clemson 86 (OT) - good for UNC who might be in danger of being 4th or 5th in the ACC pecking order.  A bigger deal than you would think.  ACC has a good 5 teams who are in protected seed range right now....the 4th team, by rule, has to be in a different region than the other 3.  Therefore, the 4th place ACC team is earmarked for the west regional.  That seems to be UNC (or FSU) right now
@Wake Forest 79, Boston College 66

@Kentucky 100, Texas A&M 58
@Florida 70, Ole Miss 63
Arkansas 82, @Tennessee 78 - Arkansas seems to be separating towards the top of the conference, along with Florida.  That should help the conference overall
Alabama 68, @Mississippi St 58

Big 10:
Wisconsin 75, @Indiana 68 - I know Indiana has those two signature wins, but their 3rd best win is...Houston Baptist?  It's their only other top 200 win.  Serious SoS/RPI issues, and the losses are mounting.  Big wins matter.  Consistency also matters, and Indiana is in serious bubble trouble for the time being

@Rhode Island 88, St Joseph's 58
Dayton 90, @St Bonaventure 74

@UCF 48, East Carolina 45 - still a ways off from UCF truly being in the bubble convo, but I'm keeping an eye on it

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