Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1/24 recap

Virginia 71, @Notre Dame 54 - road wins are never trivial.  This win should have good value in March
Louisville 106, @Pittsburgh 51 - I've wanted to throw Pitt away for awhile....now I feel a little better about doing so
@Syracuse 81, Wake Forest 76 - I have no idea what to do with Wake.  None.

Big East:
@Marquette 74, Villanova 72 - the signature win Marquette needed to be in bubble contention.  Quite simply a resume defining win that leaps them into the field for now.  As for Nova, the whole damn 1 line is chaos, so this won't hurt

Big 12:
@West Virginia 85, Kansas 69 - I was thinking WVU was in danger of losing a couple seed lines by March, so this is important to keep it in range of the 2 or 3 line.  Kansas/Baylor will be interesting in that I'm not sure there's room for 2 B12 teams on the 1 line
@Iowa St 70, Kansas St 65 - man, that could've been a real big resume builder for KSU.  As is, it's a solid win for a ISU team that isn't all that far from the bubble

@Tennessee 82, Kentucky 80 - critical blow to UK's hopes for the 1 line.  Tennessee is still pretty damn far off the bubble
@South Carolina 98, Auburn 69 - looks like I missed on Auburn this year
Arkansas 71, @Vanderbilt 70 - road wins are never trivial

@Wisconsin 82, Penn St 55
Purdue 84, @Michigan St 73 - it's a big ask, but MSU can't afford to let too many of these opportunities go by the boards.  It's getting late early for Izzo
@Maryland 67, Rutgers 55 - at this point, having the leaders hold serve in conference play is critical to the conference's chances of getting over 5 or so bids.  Need the top teams to represent quality wins for the bubble teams

Akron 90, @Western Michigan 80 - Akron has a shiny RPI, but I can't imagine bubble talk with them, for now at least
@Wichita St 87, Southern Illinois 45

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