Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/18 recap

Big 12:
Oklahoma 89, @West Virginia 87 - I occasionally like to talk about Seed Line Games.  Usually, most games don't carry enough impact within them to move a team several spots on an S-Curve.  It usually takes something drastic for a single game to cost a team a full seed line.

For WVU, they want a top 2 seed ideally.  Given how tight things are, a home loss to a bad team is bad.  This loss is a Seed Line Loss

@Texas Tech 75, TCU 69 - this is why road wins are never trivial.  It's hardly fatal to TCU, but they'll need a decent road win somewhere down the line
Kansas St 96, @Oklahoma St 88 - and along those lines, here's a road win right here

@Florida St 83, Notre Dame 80 - this is becoming a historically good stretch for FSU
Virginia 71, @Boston College 54
@Wake Forest 96, Miami 79 - another example of why road wins are never trivial
@Virginia Tech 62, Georgia Tech 61

@South Carolina 57, Florida 53 - this helps define Florida's seed just a little bit, I was struggling on how high to move them up.  And this helps solidify USC in the field
@Alabama 68, Missouri 56
@Auburn 78, LSU 74

Indiana 78, @Penn St 75 - at this point, every road win feels like a signature win for Indiana
Ohio St 67, @Nebraska 66 - it's good for the conference that Nebraska is regressing back to the pack; it's a bad look if a team like that is wandering near the top of the standings

Utah 88, @Washington St 47
@Washington 85, Colorado 83 (OT)

@Cincinnati 81, Temple 74

@Fordham 69, VCU 67 (OT) - pretty close to a catastrophic loss for VCU.  I wonder if a 1-bid A-10 is in's not like anyone in this conference can pick up a signature win

Illinois St 69, @Bradley 49
@Nevada 83, Air Force 76 - let's not put these two winners in the at-large conversation yet, but let's pin them for discussion for later if they continue not losing

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