Sunday, January 29, 2017

1/28 recap

Big 12/SEC contrived competition made for the sole purpose of hyping up Kansas/Kentucky and profiting massively off of amateur athletics:
Kansas 79, @Kentucky 73 - signature road wins are everything.  I continue to maintain the Big 12 isn't good enough to support 2 teams on the 1 line, but they're trying right now
Baylor 78, @Ole Miss 75
@West Virginia 81, Texas A&M 77
Florida 84, @Oklahoma 52
@Texas Tech 77, LSU 64 - TTU really needed a better game than this
@Tennessee 70, Kansas St 58 - this is why road wins are never trivial
@Oklahoma St 99, Arkansas 71 - OSU is rallying back towards the bubble.  Arkansas was always a couple steps ahead of the bubble, but they gave back some wiggle room here
@Georgia 59, Texas 57
@Vanderbilt 84, Iowa St 78 - see Arkansas statement, apply it to ISU here
Auburn 88, @TCU 80 - just when I was ready to end Auburn's bubble tenure....and ready to move TCU up just a little bit to safer grounds

@Syracuse 82, Florida St 72 - Syracuse was left for dead and now they're relevant again.  And FSU is starting to bleed seed lines.  Everything funneling to the median.  Big question for Syracuse is how crowded the ACC is.  14 teams now in at-large contention, there's not enough oxygen in this room
@Miami 77, North Carolina 62 - and now Miami gets a signature win.  Everyone in this conference has a damned signature win
Duke 85, @Wake Forest 83 - at this point, if you're a bubble team in this conference not getting quality wins, you're in big trouble.  Meanwhile, the saga of Duke's seed is still ongoing, and is a mess within itself
Clemson 67, @Pittsburgh 60 - Pitt is the 1 team most likely to fall off the at-large board.  Critical stay-in-the-game road win for Clemson

Big East:
Georgetown 85, @Butler 81 - Butler is starting to establish a trend of questionable losses, and they're at the point where they're really going to start hurting
@Creighton 83, DePaul 66 - it's only DePaul at home but Creighton needed to stop the slide
Providence 79, @Marquette 78 - this is an awful follow-up to a signature win for Marquette.  And Provi is still in pretty dire straits

@Colorado 74, Oregon 64 - the difference between a 3 seed and a 6 seed is that the 3 seed wins these road games
@Utah 86, Oregon St 78

Wisconsin 61, @Rutgers 54
Maryland 85, @Minnesota 78 - Minny now is kind of in a bit of bubble trouble
@Penn St 71, Illinois 67 - UI just about ready to lose the draft on the bubble
@Iowa 85, Ohio St 72 - and another bad loss

South Carolina 63, @Missouri 53
@Alabama 71, Mississippi St 62

@Tulsa 77, Central Florida 66 - this is just to highlight Tulsa is 3rd in this conference, so this isn't a 3-bid conference, and getting a NIT team might be a tough task at this point.  Maybe Memphis
@Houston 79, Temple 66 - and part of the problem is that Temple's non-con is being wasted

@Rhode Island 71, St Bonaventure 59
@Richmond 101, Duquesne 90 - maybe a NIT team here, but if they interfere with the title race (VCU/Dayton), could be trouble for the conference

Gonzaga 96, @Pepperdine 49
St Mary's 72, @Santa Clara 59

@William & Mary 96, UNC-Wilmington 78 - just about a fatal blow to the at-large resume
@Nevada 82, New Mexico 65
@Middle Tennessee 71, Louisiana Tech 61

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