Sunday, March 16, 2014

Official CBI/CIT bid accept tracker

This is the last update of this post before brackets are released later tonight.

I will be assembling these from various sources, and crediting them as warranted.  Some of them will be posted here as well:  Shoutout to squirrel, who I have a feeling is going to scoop me on many of these announcements.

If you've got something I've missed, drop it in the comments below (like one good Samaritan already has) and I'll update.

This will update as more information comes in.

CIT accepted bids:

Columbia (link) at Valparaiso (link)
Murray St (link) at Missouri St (link)
Holy Cross (link) at Brown (link)
Chattanooga (link) at East Tennessee St (link)
Pacific (link) at Grand Canyon (link)
Quinnipiac (link) at Yale (link)
Wright St (link) at East Carolina (link)

Canisius:  link  *home game
IPFW:  link  *home game
Nebraska-Omaha:  link *home game
San Diego:  link  *home game
USC Upstate:  link  *home game
VMI:  link

12 home teams accounted for, 4 hosting spots left
7 road teams accounted for, 9 road spots left
1 team (VMI) with unknown road/home status

CBI accepted bids:
none yet

no postseason (no NIT chances, turned down CBI/CIT bids):
Georgia Tech:  link
Miami:  link
Northern Iowa:  link
Notre Dame:  link


MTingle said...

Chattanooga to play ETSU. Source:

MTingle said...

USC Upstate to HOST CIT game

MTingle said...

Canisius to CIT:

Also, players from ECU and Ohio are tweeting that they're headed to the CIT as well.

MTingle said...

ECU to host Wright State in CIT on Tuesday:

MTingle said...

CIT Yale hosting Quinnipiac: