Thursday, December 7, 2017

12/6 recap

Signature wins:

Washington 74, @Kansas 65 - the Pac-12 is so weird.  So down, but they have signature wins tucked away.  Here's the most signature of signature wins for UW.  Are they the favorites now?  If not, who?  This is such a mess.  I have no idea what to do with the entire conference

Loyola(Chi) 65, @Florida 59 - Loyola suddenly goes from a nice little season to legitimate business at-large contenders

potent potables:
@Temple 59, Wisconsin 55 - Wisky has a loss accumulation problem
@Woford 63, Georgia Tech 60 - GT has a problem, in general
@South Carolina 80, Wyoming 64
@Old Dominion 79, Richmond 60
@Alabama 68, Rhode Island 64 - URI doesn't get dinged too badly for this, just be careful not to accumulate more losses
Middle Tennessee 66, @Vanderbilt 63 - road wins are never trivial
@BYU 80, Illinois St 68
Central Arkansas 96, @Cal 69 - lol
@Idaho 91, Washington St 64 - is the Big Sky playing its way off the 16 line?  Perhaps

lot of notable mid-major stuff.  SFA went on the road to beat La Tech...Towson wins to go 9-1...Hofstra over Monmouth on the road....EMU wins at home over Oakland...Bonaventure wins a roadie at Canisius...GW over Princeton...Harvard road win at Fordham...Akron over Fort Wayne...ETSU over NKU....New Mexico can probably be written off, Colorado beats them at home...NMSU lost to San Diego, who might actually not be bad

Why did I list all those games anyway?  I dunno, but it's probably a safe bet 5 or 6 of those teams are going to win their conference and be in the 13-14 seed range in March.  There's some quality road wins mixed in there.  Some of these results will matter...just tough to say which ones when we're still in December.

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