Friday, December 29, 2017

12/28 recap

Big East:
@Seton Hall 90, Creighton 84 - remember the rule:  when home teams hold in this type of game, both teams' profiles don't really move in either direction significantly
Providence 94, @St John's 72 - a big road win for a team that I think most people were ready to leave behind in the bubble discussion.  And a disturbing loss for a team that I think most people were ready to put in the bracket with no thought.  The plot thickens

Tulane 85, @Temple 75 - a catastrophic loss right off the bat for a fringe bubble team
Houston 79, @USF 60

@Gonzaga 81, Pacific 48
@BYU 69, Portland 45
@St Mary's 87, Loyola Marymount 59 - standard night for matchday 1 in the WCC

Southern Illinois 56, @Northern Iowa 53 - here's a dumb loss that could end at-large discussion for a conference much earlier than expected

Oakland 76, @Milwaukee 68 - probably the 2 best teams in the Horizon, and Oakland binks a road win in the series right away
@SE Louisiana 73, Stephen F Austin 62 - SFA won't be a lock to win this year's Southland

Hartford 60, @Rutgers 58 - good grief.  Rutgers had a stupid non-con schedule.  13 home games.  That's it.
LSU 71, @Memphis 61 - one more decent road win for the SEC's non-con ledger
New Mexico St 65, @UC Irvine 60 - road wins are never trivial

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