Sunday, December 3, 2017

12/2 recap

signature wins:
Wichita St 69, @Baylor 62 - road win, self-explanatory
@Xavier 89, Cincinnati 76 - might matter a little bit to both teams, but won't make or break a resume
@SMU 72, USC 55 - no sin to lose on the road for USC, and SMU could've used the resume boost.  Not convinced the AAC will be ripe with quality win chances yet
Georgia 73, @Marquette 66 - perhaps good for Georgia, but we may also need to consider Marquette isn't near the bubble
@Rhode Island 75, Providence 68 - you can't stress how important these things are for the entire A-10 right now
Arizona 91, @UNLV 88 (OT) - UNLV's pretty good, so this was very important

bad losses:
UC Davis 81, @Washington St 67 - just when we think Wazzu might actually be an upper division team in the Pac-12.  Still might given the tire fire status of the conference right now

potent potables:
Kansas 76, Syracuse 60 - goes down as a neutral site win
Villanova 94, @St Joseph's 53 - goes down in the books as a road win in a Philly 5 matchup
@Kentucky 79, Harvard 70 - man, a lot of good mid-major programs this year are getting beat up trying to schedule up
@Michigan 69, Indiana 55 - home team holds, it may be time to assume Indiana is well off the bubble pace
@Colorado St 72, Colorado 63
Virginia Tech 83, @Ole Miss 80 (OT) - pretty sure Ole Miss isn't good, but a road win is a road win
St Bonaventure 73, @Buffalo 62
Oakland 78, @Western Michigan 73
@UConn 84, Monmouth 81 (OT)
Ohio St 83, @Wisconsin 58 - and we can definitely discard Wisconsin from discussion for awhile
Penn St 77, @Iowa 73 - road wins are never trivial
@VCU 82, Old Dominion 75
@Bucknell 81, Vermont 77 - Vermont probably wasn't getting an at-large anyway, but they're a good team and gives up precious seeding ground here
Middle Tennessee 81, @FGCU 76 - useful road win
@Houston 91, Arkansas 65
Missouri St 73, @South Dakota St 53 - useful road win
St Mary's 74, @California 63 - useful road win

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