Saturday, December 30, 2017

12/30 recap

Big East:
@Butler 101, Villanova 93 - only will be a problem for Nova if road losses become a pattern.  Butler gains a bubble-securing signature win
@Xavier 77, DePaul 72
@Marquette 74, Georgetown 65

Big 12:
Oklahoma 90, @TCU 89 - we're going to need to discuss OU and the 1 line before too long here

@Arizona 84, Arizona St 78 - Zona needs every signature win they can get to repair their damage.  Tough to say what this means for ASU as I'm not completely sure how good they are
California 77, @Stanford 74 - man, Stanford blows

@Duke 100, Florida St 93 - a non-event for both teams from a bracket perspective
@Virginia 59, Boston College 58 - it'd be nice if BC could just lay down during conference play, you know
@North Carolina 73, Wake Forest 69
Miami 67, @Pittsburgh 53
@Notre Dame 68, Georgia Tech 59
@Clemson 78, NC State 62 - not a big deal, but still, the first step a fledgling bubble team must take is to win all of these games

@Alabama 79, Texas A&M 57 - road games are tough, y'know.  This hurts A&M's hopes at one of the top 2 lines; the best teams don't lose like this.  This should stand up as a Group 1 win for a Bama team that desperately needed it
@Arkansas 95, Tennessee 93 (OT) - not really compelled to change the outlook on either team after this one
@Florida 81, Vanderbilt 74

Wichita St 72, @UConn 62 - road wins are never trivial
@Houston 76, Temple 73 - and Temple is just about done and dusted already

@Nevada 77, New Mexico 74
@San Diego St 79, Utah St 59
Boise St 83, @UNLV 74 - probable Group 1 win.  Crushing blow for UNLV, tough to build an at-large resume when you let a home game like this go by the boards.  Big boon for Boise though

@Gonzaga 101, Santa Clara 52
St Mary's 74, @BYU 64 - crushing blow to BYU's at-large hopes (quality wins aren't in abundance in the WCC) and a major Group 1 win savior for St Mary's

@St Bonaventure 98, UMass 78 - we've reached the long bleak portion of the schedule where Bonaventure must do everything they can to hold serve every night
@Rhode Island 83, George Mason 64 - ditto for URI

@Green Bay 80, Oakland 79 - the Horizon favorite splits the Wisconsin trip
@Loyola(Chi) 66, Evansville 59 - you tell me who the favorite in the MVC is.  I don't know
@Charleston 73, Towson 62 - your two probable favorites in the Colonial, home service hold in the first of two key games here
@UNC Greensboro 71, Wofford 67 - just in case everyone was penciling in Wofford.  SoCon could be low-key fun this year
Middle Tennessee 63, @UAB 60
@Sacramento St 80, Portland St 75 - PSU was actually putting up a really good resume for a Big Sky team, so this loss is disturbing

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