Tuesday, December 12, 2017


This bracket is quite unbalanced, but it's not worth finding solutions at this time of year.  That West regional sure is funny, though.

ACC - seems to be top heavy.  We'll be able to discard the bottom teams quickly, while I expect an easy 8-9 teams to make it.
Pac-12 - is a tire fire, and I beg of you to tell me what to do with them.
B1G - is a secret tire fire as well, but has a few more viable bubble teams.  They'll claw and scratch towards 6 bids.
Big 12 - is of their usual caliber this year
Big East - is of their usual caliber this year
SEC - scheduling is paying off!  Should be a strong 6-7 bids this year, IMO.

A-10 - the tire fire to end all tire fires.  I don't see an at-large path for anyone but URI at this point.  Not a lot of time yet to fix.
WCC - struggling this year, St Mary's is in trouble, and heck maybe Gonzaga too if they stumble
MWC - the vacancies of the above two conferences plus their own rebound should mean that they are at least bubble players.  They should find 2 teams, one way or the other
MVC - also helped by the others floundering, I give them a fighting shot at 2 bids
AAC - should get to 3 and maybe 4 bids.  Of their typical strength this year

1) Villanova vs. 16) Wagner/North Carolina A&T
8) Oregon vs. 9) Rhode Island
4) Purdue vs. 13) South Dakota St
5) Virginia vs. 12) Ohio St/Loyola(Chi)
3) Miami vs. 14) Murray St
6) Minnesota vs. 11) Syracuse/Alabama
2) Kansas vs. 15) Milwaukee
7) Creighton vs. 10) SMU

1) North Carolina vs. 16) UNC Asheville
8) Tennessee vs. 9) Michigan
@San Diego
4) Seton Hall vs. 13) Georgia Southern
5) TCU vs. 12) Middle Tennessee
3) West Virginia vs. 14) Vermont
6) Florida vs. 11) Temple
@San Diego
2) Arizona St vs. 15) Portland St
7) Arkansas vs. 10) Boise St

1) Michigan St vs. 16) Stephen F Austin
8) Nevada vs. 9) USC
4) Notre Dame vs. 13) Iona
5) Cincinnati vs. 12) Central Michigan
3) Wichita St vs. 14) Utah Valley
6) Arizona vs. 11) Oklahoma
2) Texas A&M vs. 15) Navy
7) Baylor vs. 10) UCLA

1) Duke vs. 16) Lipscomb/Prairie View A&M
8) Texas vs. 9) Butler
4) Gonzaga vs. 13) UC Davis
5) Florida St vs. 12) Towson
3) Kentucky vs. 14) Penn
6) Maryland vs. 11) St John's
2) Xavier vs. 15) Mercer
7) Louisville vs. 10) Northern Iowa

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