Friday, December 29, 2017

12/29 recap

Big 12:
West Virginia 85, @Oklahoma St 79 - road wins are never trivial.  Bodes well for WVU's probably quest for a top 3 seed.  Bodes not that great for OSU battling in the bottom-middle of this conference going for an at-large bid
Kansas 92, @Texas 86 - just take the analysis from the game above and apply it here too
@Texas Tech 77, Baylor 53 - and Baylor can't keep pace with the 2 favorites in conference.  Eyebrow officially raised at TTU, maybe they won't be in the cellar.  Will toy with moving them in the bracket now that they have a legitimate business win on top of Nevada
Kansas St 91, @Iowa St 75

Utah 66, @Oregon 56 - a tale of two bubbles.  On the one end, Utah was on the wrong side, then just turned in a probable Group 1 win.  On the other, bubble teams are supposed to hold onto this game and Oregon is in trouble
Washington 88, @USC 81 - and here's another game where I thought the better team was at home, and they give a game.  I'm not really sure how good Utah or Washington are, but we must rethink the pecking order behind the Arizonas, I guess.  This could be a mess of a season in this conference
@Oregon St 76, Colorado 76
@UCLA 96, Washington St 82 - maybe UCLA is 3rd best

@Coastal Carolina 90, UT Arlington 65 - everyone's mid-major darling just absolutely punted this game.  What is this I don't even

@Kentucky 90, Louisville 61 - kind of a non-event from a bracketing perspective

by the way, 5 Big 10 teams played non-con games.  There's 8 more non-con games tomorrow.  Why couldn't they just play league games this weekend?  Just play 2 in 3 days, man up and squeeze them in.  I don't think this MSG stuff is going to work for them long-term.

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