Sunday, December 24, 2017

12/23 recap

Diamond Head:
New Mexico St 63, Miami 54 - there's the mini-disaster for Miami, although all is hardly lost for their profile.  NMSU has modest at-large life, with a new Group 1 win
USC 89, Middle Tennessee 84 - catastrophic blow to USC's profile.  With the current Pac-12 situation, USC needs access to every possible Group 1 win, and they just lost one
Princeton 64, Akron 62
Hawaii 79, Davidson 71

Signature wins:
UCLA 83, Kentucky 75
Tennessee 79, @Wake Forest 60 - road wins are never trivial

North Carolina 86, Ohio St 72
@Auburn 89, UConn 64 - SEC has been racking up these wins with regularity, bodes well for the conference in March
Illinois 70, Missouri 64

Las Vegas Classic:
San Francisco 66, Nevada 64 - Nevada has now spent most of its goodwill that it built up in the first month of the season

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