Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/28 recap

Result of the night:
Michigan St 71, Iowa 69 (OT) - signature road win without some of your best players - good way to stay on the 2 line (or get back to the 1 line).  as for Iowa, this is the kind of thing that prevents you from getting to the 2 line

West Virginia 66, Baylor 64 - catastrophic home loss.  this is the cliff's edge, Baylor
Kansas St 66, Texas Tech 58

South Florida 78, SMU 71 - and there's the first road hiccup for SMU.  the first one isn't the one that hurts, usually.  it's the ones after it.  one is excusable

Missouri 75, Arkansas 71 - Mizzou road win in a tough place; Mizzou solidifying as the SEC #3 option.  Arkansas in trouble, but then again, the whole SEC is
LSU 87, Kentucky 82 - speaking of lol SEC, LSU makes up some lost ground.  UK in trouble for a protected seed; they've got to win these games

Creighton 63, St John's 60 - lost chance for St John's to get a magic elixir back to the bubble race

Virginia 68, Notre Dame 53 - road win.  UVA acting like a legit team

New Mexico 78, Utah St 65 - road win in one of the spots I would've figured was a trouble spot for UNM.    important to win these games

Wichita St 57, Loyola(Chi) 45

Richmond at St Louis - Richmond is trying to make a big run on the outside through the bubble
Ole Miss at Tennessee - screw you, SEC
Arizona at Stanford - signature win chance beckons
Syracuse at Wake Forest - WF's (perhaps) last chance to really get into the bubble convo
Iowa St at Kansas - another day in the Big 12
Florida St at NC State - FSU, bubble teams get these games.  NC State, off-the-bubble teams get games like these to sneak into the convo
Arizona St at Cal - useful for pecking order reasons

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