Monday, January 21, 2019


A first pass at geography this year.  It's still a bit early, so don't read too much into it, but it's a good first glance.

I had to move Nevada out of the West regional for balance.  Something to watch if Gonzaga or Nevada end up at the end of a seed line (i.e., last 2 seed, last 3 seed).  If that happens, the NCAA committee will be really boxed in.  It's actually better for those two teams to be the first team on the 3 line than the last team on the 2 line, IMO.  Because the weakest 1 seed will almost certainly be sent west.

Also, Tennessee is close to both Columbia and Columbus....Duke and UVa going for Columbia....Michigan/Michigan St want Columbus.  Not everyone will get what they want.  A chase within the chase to watch.

1) Tennessee vs. 16) Rider/Prairie View A&M
8) Indiana vs. 9) Syracuse
4) Virginia Tech vs. 13) Liberty
5) Purdue vs. 12) St Louis
@San Jose
3) Nevada vs. 14) Radford
6) Oklahoma vs. 11) Arizona
@Des Moines
2) Michigan vs. 15) UC Santa Barbara
7) Florida St vs. 10) Seton Hall

1) Virginia vs. 16) Sam Houston St
8) Iowa vs. 9) TCU
@San Jose
4) Villanova vs. 13) Loyola(Chi)
5) Auburn vs. 12) Minnesota/Arizona St
3) Texas Tech vs. 14) Texas St
6) Louisville vs. 11) Murray St
@Salt Lake City
2) Gonzaga vs. 15) South Dakota St
7) Ole Miss vs. 10) Washington

1) Michigan St vs. 16) Weber St
8) North Carolina St vs. 9) Kansas St
@Salt Lake City
4) Houston vs. 13) Grand Canyon
5) Iowa St vs. 12) Hofstra
3) North Carolina vs. 14) Northern Kentucky
6) Wisconsin vs. 11) Texas
2) Kansas vs. 15) Princeton
7) Nebraska vs. 10) Central Florida

1) Duke vs. 16) Robert Morris/Norfolk St
8) Mississippi St vs. 9) Ohio St
4) Maryland vs. 13) Vermont
5) Buffalo vs. 12) VCU/Butler
3) Marquette vs. 14) Marshall
6) LSU vs. 11) Wofford
@Des Moines
2) Kentucky vs. 15) Bucknell
7) Cincinnati vs. 10) St John's


HenryMuto said...

Big change to the NCAA team sheets today that indicate Quadrant 1 & 2 games have been broken down further.

Quadrant 1A (H1-15/N1-25/A1-40)
Quadrant 1B (H16-30/N26-50/A41-75)

Quadrant 2A (H31-55/N51-75/A76-100)
Quadrant 2B (H56-75/N76-100/A101-135)

Andrew said...

Not a big of a deal as most think. If the committee has any kind of brain, they were already doing this mental separation when evaluating teams.

This feels more like a move to force that concept on the general public, that not all Quad 1 wins are equal.

I also worry about the level of granularity; I think it's possible to get too exact in this type of thing. NET is not a precise tool (yet, at least), we shouldn't be using precise cutoffs like this.