Friday, January 4, 2019

1/2 recap

Big 12:
@Kansas 70, Oklahoma 63
Texas Tech 62, @West Virginia 59 - okay, WVU is definitely not as good as I originally thought.  Road wins are a precious resource
@Iowa St 69, Oklahoma St 63
Texas 67, @Kansas St 47

@Michigan St 81, Northwestern 55
@Maryland 74, Nebraska 72 - this is why road wins are so precious

Seton Hall 80, @Xavier 70
Georgetown 84, @Butler 76 - the middle class of the Big East is not as good this year, as evidenced by 2 road wins against two probable bottom level teams
@Villanova 73, DePaul 68

@Houston 74, Tulsa 56 - I can't imagine Houston stays undefeated much longer, but I don't trust this league as a whole to challenge them
@UCF 78, Temple 73 - ok maybe UCF and Cincy can hang.  Starting to get the impression there's a chance those 3 break away from the pack
elsewhere in the league, Cincy won...USF won over UConn, but I don't trust them yet

@Nevada 72, Utah St 49 - boy, Nevada is going to boat race this conference, aren't they

@Evansville 82, Drake 77 (2OT) - the entire MVC is a mess; Drake is the only one sniffing relevancy and this makes that mission all the tougher

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