Friday, January 11, 2019

1/10 recap

service holds:
Michigan 79, @Illinois 69
@Gonzaga 67, Pacific 36
@UConn 76, SMU 64
Cincinnati 70, @Tulsa 65 (OT) - not sure Tulsa would be a bad loss by any means, but a bullet dodged by Cincy.  AAC teams won't want to lose much to the bottom two-thirds of this conference
@Nebraska 70, Penn St 64

Hofstra 93, @William & Mary 90 (3OT)
Drexel 79, @Charleston 78 - I thought Charleston was the best in the league, time to transfer that over to Hofstra

Pac-12 fail tracker:
@Colorado 90, Washington St 60
UCLA 87, @Oregon 84
Washington 69, @Utah 53
@Oregon St 79, USC 74 (OT) - okay, I do think we're seeing just a little bit of definition for the conference now.  I feel like the two Arizona schools will eventually be ok, and I feel okay about Washington as well.  UCLA and OSU will have fighting chances at the bubble....I think they might squeak out 3 bids.  Still betting the under on 2.5, and I think the doomsday scenario of 1 is off the board for now

SoCon watch:
Wofford 72, @UNC Greensboro 43 - a hammering by Wofford, UNCG takes its first loss and Wofford is alone at 5-0.  Furman, and ETSU are 1 GB.  And it's way early, but it looks like these 4 have separated from the rest of the conference for now.  Wofford is net 33, Furman 55, ETSU 58, UNCG 88.  A very real chance for an at-large bid if they can maintain those, as they'll get a small handful of Group 1 wins apiece.  Nothing more than a chance, I'd say, but a chance.

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