Sunday, January 27, 2019

1/25 - 1/27 recap

Michigan 69, @Indiana 46
Illinois 78, @Maryland 67 - your dumb loss of the weekend
Ohio St 70, @Nebraska 60 - and Nebraska isn't as safe as people think.  Big road win for OSU
@Wisconsin 62, Northwestern 46
Rutgers 64, @Penn St 60
@Purdue 73, Michigan St 63 - big deal for seeding purposes.  MSU to the 2 line?  Purdue way up?  I think it's fine to overreact on this result
@Minnesota 92, Iowa 87 - Minny doing the minimum to stay in the bubble race

@Duke 66, Georgia Tech 53
Virginia 82, Notre Dame 55
@Virginia Tech 78, Syracuse 56
@NC State 69, Clemson 67
@Louisville 66, Pitt 51
BC 65, @Wake 61
Florida St 78, @Miami 66

Big East:
@Creighton 75, Butler 61
Marquette 87, @Xavier 82
@Villanova 80, Seton Hall 52
@Providence 70, DePaul 67
Georgetown 89, @St John's 78 - now it's time to start worrying about the Big East.  Nova and MU are fine, but it's a real challenge to find a 3rd team right now.  They'll get 3 bids minimum, because someone has to win all these conference games....but good luck figuring out which team that'll be right now

SEC/Big 12 made for TV event:
@Tennessee 83, West Virginia 66
@Kentucky 71, Kansas 63 - a win that should have significant value, even as a home win
@Texas Tech 67, Arkansas 64
Iowa St 87, @Ole Miss 73 - I'm starting to think Ole Miss isn't as safe as people think
@TCU 55, Florida 50
@Baylor 73, Alabama 68
@Georgia 98, Texas 88 - looks like Baylor will be playing the role of Big 12 bubble team, not Texas
@Oklahoma St 74, South Carolina 70 - as a whole, challenge was a net positive to the Big 12, but the only teams really hurt were Texas and Alabama....and they had road losses so the damage isn't too bad
@Texas A&M 65, Kansas St 53 - the one loss that's a bit dicey, but I think KSU will be fine
@Oklahoma 86, Vandy 55

@Mississippi St 92, Auburn 84
LSU 86, @Missouri 80

Pac-12 fail tracker:
Washington 79, @Oregon St 69 - we found a trustworthy Pac-12 team!
Utah 82, @Cal 64
@Stanford 75, Colorado 62
@USC 69, Arizona St 67 - oh no
@UCLA 90, Arizona 69 - oh no.  We may have a 1-bid Pac-12 in the near future.  I don't expect it to stick.....but for now, it's there
@Oregon 78, Washington St 58

Davidson 54, @St Louis 53 - bad week for SLU.  Good win for Davidson
VCU 80, @Duquesne 74 - and a solid road win here.  A-10 is still on the knife's edge with being a 2-bid league or 1-bid league.  Not sure which direction it'll go

Houston 77, @Tulsa 65
Cincinnati 72, @Temple 68 - a big, big win to stabilize Cincy's status, but equally devastating to Temple's chances
@Memphis 77, UCF 57 - and so the 3rd and 4th best teams in the conference lose, de-stabilizing their at-large chances a little bit

Buffalo 88, @Kent St 79 - Buffalo back in front as Bowling Green loses

Utah St 68, @New Mexico 66
@Colorado St 74, Fresno St 65 - a stumble that can't be afforded for whatever little at-large chance remained

Samford 75, @Furman 73 - ok, time to finally abandon the Furman bandwagon.  It was fun while it lasted guys
@UNCG 88, Mercer 81

@San Diego 67, San Fran 63 - we've reached the endgame on the WCC's multi-bid chances

Vermont 73, @Stony Brook 52 - Vermont in control of AEast


HenryMuto said...

Do you know if the NCAA is going to do another top 16 bracket in February 1 month before Selection Sunday like they have the last 2 years ?

Andrew said...

They better. No idea if they will.

I actually hope they don't. Because I want to see rioting. I want to see all these bracketologists attempt to riot.