Sunday, March 12, 2017

Final bubble report

Latest adds to the lockbox:
Oklahoma St
South Carolina
Michigan St
Kansas St


Last 3 in:
Wake Forest

Last 2 out:
Illinois St

I think X is fine, although they cut it close.  MSU and K-State too.  Vandy, Wake, and USC are the teams I can see legit arguments for leaving out.

- Vandy has a raw accumulation of losses, as much as the SoS matters; that matters too
- Wake has a terrible record vs. the Top 50, you can argue they didn't cash in at a high enough rate
- USC has a lack of signature wins, kind of the same problem as ISU

- Syracuse has a butt RPI and road record
- Illinois St has a lack of depth in its profile

Any miss will come from within this group of 5.

Any surprise candidates?

California - they're behind USC, so nah
Illinois - would still be on my bubble if they didn't fire Groce
Iowa - has enough quality wins, but absorbed too much damage
Houston, Arlington.....GaTech and Clemson, nah.  I can't make the case for any team in this section.  We better not get a surprise this year.

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HenryMuto said...

It's a shame an 8 loss Duke or 7 loss UNC team that Kentucky beat will be seeded over a 29-5 Kentucky team winners of 11 straight for the #1 seed. Have you ever heard of a 29-5 Kentucky team not getting a #1 seed after going 16-2 in the SEC. Kentucky holds onto that 12 point lead vs Kansas they are a #1 seed.