Thursday, March 9, 2017


Things I did after further review:

- Swapped Wichita and Seton Hall on the 8 and 9 lines.  The more I look at this the higher Wichita's seed goes
- Swapped Michigan St and Xavier on the 10 and 11 lines.  Now I'm really worried about Xavier's general capability

No other seed changes, although the order of some teams changed.

The 1 line:  Kansas (28-3), Villanova (28-3), Gonzaga (32-1), North Carolina (25-6)
The 2 line:  Oregon (26-4), Louisville (24-7), Baylor (24-6), Kentucky (26-5)
The 3 line:  UCLA (28-3), Arizona (27-4), Florida St (24-7), Florida (24-7)
The 4 line:  Butler (23-7), Duke (24-8), West Virginia (24-7), Purdue (25-6)
The 5 line:  Virginia (22-9), Notre Dame (23-8), Cincinnati (26-4), Minnesota (23-8)
The 6 line:  SMU (27-4), Creighton (22-8), Maryland (23-7), St Mary's (28-4)
The 7 line:  Iowa St (20-10), South Carolina (21-9), Wisconsin (23-8), Oklahoma St (19-11)
The 8 line:  Miami (21-10), Northwestern (21-9), Virginia Tech (22-9), Wichita St (29-4)
The 9 line:  Seton Hall (20-10), Dayton (23-6), Arkansas (23-8), Michigan (20-11)
The 10 line:  VCU (24-7), Providence (20-11), Middle Tennessee (26-4), Michigan St (18-13)
The 11 line:  Marquette (19-11), Vanderbilt (17-14), Xavier (20-12), Wake Forest (19-13), Syracuse (18-14)
The 12 line:  USC (24-8), Kansas St (19-12), Nevada (25-6), UNC-Wilmington (27-5), Texas-Arlington (22-7)
The 13 line:  Vermont (27-5), Akron (23-7), Princeton (20-6), East Tennessee St (25-7)
The 14 line:  Bucknell (26-8), Winthrop (24-6), Cal St-Bakersfield (18-8), Iona (22-12)
The 15 line:  FGCU (23-7), Northern Kentucky (22-10), Texas Southern (21-11), UC-Irvine (17-13)
The 16 line:  Jacksonville St (18-14), Mount St Mary's (19-15), South Dakota St (16-16), New Orleans (15-11), North Dakota (16-9), North Carolina Central (20-8)

Next 4 in:
Michigan St

Last 4 in:
Wake Forest
Kansas St

Last 4 out:
Rhode Island (21-9)
Illinois St (26-6)
Illinois (17-13)
Houston (21-9)

Next 4 out:
California (20-11)
Indiana (17-14)
Clemson (17-15)
Iowa (18-13)


HenryMuto said...

Hard to believe Syracuse is going to make it. So you think the committee will set two new records with Syracuse ? Current RPI is 84 no team has had an RPI above 74 (New Mexico 1999). An RPI in the 80s is nearly unthinkable especially since they are still using RPI heavily this year. The other is fewest wins ever away from home no at large team has ever made it with just 2 and Syracuse is 2-11 away from home. I get ACC is deepest conference ever and they have some great home wins but they have horrific losses as well and numbers that would set records. I say no to Syracuse.

Andrew said...

That road record is really making me think. I don't care about the RPI number....but man the more and more I look, the more and more I really want someone to play their way in so that I can remove Syracuse.

HenryMuto said...

Usually we always see 1-2 bids stolen it basically always happens. I don't know the last time if ever we have gone without a single bid stealer but if there was a year this might be it with so few Mid-Major's in contention. I usually root against bid stealers because I want the Mid-Majors in but this year there are none (Middle Tenn should they lose maybe or Illinois St) and that is about it.

Iowa I think is that team that can play their way in. If Iowa beats Indiana today I think they have a strong case to get in.

Wins vs Purdue, @ Maryland, Iowa State, @ Wisconsin, Michigan.

They do have a couple questionable losses but who doesn't ? Home to Omaha being the worse.

A couple nice road wins.

Andrew said...

I gotta look closer at Iowa.

I'm more interested in the 2 and 3 lines right now. I kinda wanted Louisville to maintain that spot. Now there's room for a 2nd Pac-12 team on the 2 line...maybe

HenryMuto said...

Syracuse RPI down to 88 now. That has to matter to the RPI loving committee.

HenryMuto said...

Does anyone want a bid ? Illinois blown out...Iowa getting blown out.....wth

HenryMuto said...

Xavier wants a bid!!!!!!!!!!!

No Dayton for X!!!!!!!!!!!!!