Thursday, March 2, 2017


Too many changes and minor shifts in the middle of the bracket.

I've been looking for reasons to boot Cal from the bracket; I got it.  Kansas St also sneaks back in.  For that last spot, Vandy/GaTech/Wake is a pretty healthy argument that can go in any direction.  You could justify any of the 3.  Today feels like a Wake day.  To me right now, there's a fair distance between these teams and Illinois, who's next up.

The 1 line:  Kansas (27-3), Villanova (27-3), Gonzaga (29-1), North Carolina (24-6)
The 2 line:  Oregon (25-4), Louisville (23-7), Baylor (23-6), UCLA (27-3)
The 3 line:  Kentucky (25-5), Arizona (26-4), Florida (24-6), Butler (23-6)
The 4 line:  Duke (23-7), Florida St (23-7), West Virginia (23-7), Purdue (24-6)
The 5 line:  Virginia (20-9), Notre Dame (23-7), Minnesota (22-7), Cincinnati (25-4)
The 6 line:  St Mary's (26-3), Creighton (22-7), Iowa St (20-9), SMU (25-4)
The 7 line:  South Carolina (21-8), Maryland (22-7), Wisconsin (22-7), Oklahoma St (19-10)
The 8 line:  Miami (20-9), Dayton (23-5), Northwestern (21-9), Virginia Tech (21-8)
The 9 line:  Michigan St (18-12), Arkansas (22-8), Michigan (19-11), VCU (23-7)
The 10 line:  Middle Tennessee (24-4), Seton Hall (19-10), Wichita St (26-4), Providence (19-11)
The 11 line:  Xavier (18-12), USC (21-8), Syracuse (17-13), Kansas St (18-12), Marquette (18-11), Wake Forest (17-12)
The 12 line:  Texas-Arlington (21-6), Nevada (24-6), UNC-Wilmington (24-5), Illinois St (24-5)
The 13 line:  Monmouth (26-5), Vermont (26-5), Akron (22-7), Princeton (18-6)
The 14 line:  Belmont (21-5), Bucknell (23-8), Winthrop (21-6), UNC-Greensboro (20-8)
The 15 line:  Oakland (22-7), South Dakota (19-10), Cal St-Bakersfield (18-7), FGCU (21-7)
The 16 line:  Texas Southern (18-11), UC-Irvine (16-13), North Dakota (15-8), New Orleans (14-10), Mount St Mary's (17-15), North Carolina Central (19-7)

Next 4 in:
Wichita St

Last 4 in:
Kansas St
Wake Forest

Last 4 out:
Georgia Tech (16-13)
Vanderbilt (16-14)
Illinois (17-12)
California (19-9)

Next 4 out:
Rhode Island (20-9)
Houston (20-8)
TCU (16-13)
Georgia (17-12)


ILLSC said...

Thank you for putting georgia where they are. some of the bracketoligists think they are right on the cut line evrn though they just beat nit teams

HenryMuto said...

Kentucky could still be in play for a #1 seed if they win at A&M and win the SEC tournament. Gonzaga I have seen as low as a 3 seed on the matrix by some. Now I don't agree with that but a 2 seed is now in play even if they win out. I have to be honest I have no idea if the committee drops them to a 2 for lose at home to BUY I mean they were only the #4 overall despite being undefeated.

Also if UNC does not win the ACC tournament and with Kentucky going 29-5 and winning on a neutral court over UNC does Kentucky jump North Carolina for #1 seed ? If not in that what id Duke wins at UNC then UNC does not win the tournament maybe then ?

HenryMuto said...

Terrible news Alec Peters out for the year good bye Valpo. What a waste. Too bad Felder didn't come back for Oakland.

Good bye #2 and #3 seeds of the Big South as Asheville is shocked. I wanted Winthrop to win that anyway best shot to pull the upset.

Wow Xavier you are in deep deep trouble I don't know if beating DePaul twice gets them in but I know if they lose to DePaul in either game they are likely cooked.

HenryMuto said...

Did anyone catch that Middle Tennessee game ? I mean what in the hell they were down at home vs RPI 344 team 14-0 and 20-1 before coming back to win.