Thursday, November 22, 2018

11/21 recap

Minnesota 68, Washington 66

Gonzaga 89, Duke 87 - remember, when you're in the WCC, every signature win chance is precious.  Here's one that makes GU's case for the 1 line pretty easy
Auburn 73, Arizona 57 - no signature win for Auburn (I think), but two solid wins in Zona and X will help the resume anyway
Iowa St 87, San Diego St 57 - ISU does escape Maui with one win that should hold some value in March
Xavier 83, Illinois 74 - the role of Chaminade was played by Illinois this year

Preseason NIT (yes, I'm calling it by its old name.  Sue me):
Kansas 77, Marquette 68
Tennessee 92, Louisville 81 - and we get KU-UT.  Sexy

Battle 4 Atlantis:
Virginia 74, Middle Tennessee 52 - rough draw for the upstart mid-major
Oklahoma 65, Florida 60 - OU wins the fight to be on the good side of the Atlantis bracket, where all the resume goodies are
Wisconsin 62, Stanford 46
Dayton 69, Butler 64 - good win for Dayton

Barclays Center Classic:
Pitt 75, St Louis 73 - this is rough for StL.  Pitt is no bueno, destined for the ACC cellar

MGM Resorts Main Event:
Mississippi St 61, St Mary's 57
Arizona St 87, Utah St 82 - ASU gets the 2 wins here

Cayman Islands:
Creighton 87, Clemson 82 - a modest upset; both teams should be fine for now
Georgia St 91, Georgia 67 - a robust trip for Georgia St, with a couple wins that have a fighting chance at holding some value.  Alas, likely won't be good enough for an at-large by itself, but still
Illinois St 73, Boise St 70
Akron 61, St Bonaventure 49

SMU 77, Wright St 76 - I feel sorry for the Horizon.  Entire league has fallen
Bradley 59, Penn St 56 - BU trying to rescue a modest beginning to the non-con for the MVC.  They get the 2 wins here

Fort Myers:
Wyoming 68, Richmond 66
Boston College 78, Loyola(Chi) 66 - BC with 2 wins here.  Who knew they were capable of this

Gulf Coast Showcase:
UTSA 76, FGCU 65
South Dakota St 78, Colorado St 65
Louisiana-Lafayette 68, Tulane 61
Toledo 67, UC Irvine 60 - fun mid-major tourney here.  Toledo gets the 3 wins

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