Tuesday, November 13, 2018

11/12 recap

@North Carolina 90, Stanford 72 - Stanford is out here playing a second true road game already.  Interesting gambit
Buffalo 62, @Southern Illinois 53 - now UB has a second quality road win, and now they're really cooking with gas.  Legitimate at-large contenders now.  Sked slows down a bit for them, before more roadies at Syracuse and Marquette.  Even if they lose both, service holds in the rest of the non-con and they're in really good shape
@Belmont 92, Middle Tennessee 73
Oklahoma 87, @UTSA 67 - road wins are never trivial
@Minnesota 78, Utah 69

Most of the other games were simply service holds by better teams at home over worse teams.  Bonaventure lost on the road to Niagara....A-10 is in trouble...Vermont played at Kansas and lost by 16, which is respectable and may be worth something in March (like getting off the 16 line).

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