Monday, November 19, 2018

11/15 recap

@Gonzaga 94, Texas A&M 71
Ohio St 69, @Creighton 60 - road wins are never trivial
Belmont 87, @Lipscomb 83 - this is a quality road win, folk
@DePaul 72, Penn St 70 (OT) - B1G bubble teams are supposed to win this game

2K Empire Classic:
Iowa 77, Oregon 69
UConn 83, Syracuse 76 - a nice tight 4-team tourney with 4 reasonable at-large candidates in varying state of goodness.  Good wins for the two lesser teams in this one

Charleston Classic:
Purdue 92, Appalachian St 70
Northeastern 68, Alabama 52
Davidson 57, Wichita St 53
Virginia Tech 73, Ball St 64 - a weird tournament here...Davidson is decent and Wichita seems to be bad now.  Northeastern has the other shocker, but they're an upper-table CAA team.  All and all, Purdue and Va Tech lose a little bit in the draw, unless we're off in our preseason valuation.  Which we very well might be.  One thing for certain:  we can discard Wichita St safely

Myrtle Beach:
St Joseph's 89, Wake Forest 69
UCF 68, CS-Fullerton 52
Western Kentucky 83, Valparaiso 71
West Virginia 71, Monmouth 53 - the top 4 teams in this tourney hold serve.  Quality win chances coming for all 4 winners

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