Thursday, November 15, 2018

11/13 recap

Finally getting a few semi-relevant games.  Alas, most went to script, but there's a couple quality wins mixed in here.

@Tennessee 66, Georgia Tech 53
@LSU 85, Memphis 76
Wisconsin 77, @Xavier 68 - tough to say how good X is, but a road win is a road win these days
@Miami 96, Stephen F Austin 58 - just in case you wanted to check in to see how good the Southland favorite is.  Pass on the conference as a whole
@Charleston 66, Rhode Island 55 - URI is down, but Charleston could have a chance to build a semi-legitimate profile out of the Colonial
@Temple 81, Georgia 77
Harvard 74, @UMass 71
Georgetown 88, @Illinois 80
@New Mexico 90, Iona 83

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