Thursday, November 30, 2017

11/27 recap

We're clear of holiday tournament crap!

@Virginia 49, Wisconsin 37 - I think we accidentally created a time rift by putting these two teams together, and actually played this game in the year 1957 before traveling back to present day

@Syracuse 72, Maryland 70 - my rule of thumb in these games is that home wins are nice, but don't move the needle greatly, while road wins are golden.  Road losses aren't too damaging as long as you don't stack up a bunch on top of each other.  So, this is business as usual for both

South Carolina 78, @FIU 61 - road wins are never trivial

Not a lot of other notable results....Marquette over EIU in a near-disaster in OT....Oakland wins a roadie at Oral Bob.  Belmont loses at home to Lipscomb, so they may be merely of ordinary strength this year.

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