Saturday, November 25, 2017

11/22 recap

@Providence 66, Belmont 65 - life is tough for Belmont.  This is a campus game for the 2K Classic, Belmont couldn't even get into the main draw of a tourney.  Then lose by a point to a legit tourney team, losing whatever small chance they had at bubble relevancy.  Such is life

Tourneys everywhere:

Battle 4 Atlantis:
NC State 90, Arizona 84 - well there's one upset
Tennessee 78, Purdue 75 (OT) - and there's another
Northern Iowa 61, SMU 58 - no worries for SMU, they get their quality win chance against Zona anyways.  UNI kind of gets snookered here, any chance at a legitimate at-large profile now all of a sudden requires a tourney win
Villanova 66, Western Kentucky 58 - a disaster for Nova.  The other 2 best teams lose, and are on the opposite side of the bracket.  Tennessee, UNI, and NC State are decent, but Nova loses all access to signature win chances.  Meanwhile Arizona and Purdue are still on a collision course and both have a chance to salvage a quality win out of this trip.  Life ain't fair

Notre Dame 67, Wichita St 66 - UND walks away with the signature win here, Wichita will need to find a signature win elsewhere to use to get a top-2 seed
Marquette 94, LSU 84 - not an awful tourney for Marquette either, they grab 2 decent wins out of it
Michigan 68, VCU 60 - not great for a VCU team that's looking at no help in A-10 conference play
Chaminade 96, California 72 - wait, what?  WHAT?!?!?!

Cayman Islands:
Cincinatti 78, Wyoming 53 - again, what a useless tourney for Cincy
Iowa 95, UAB 85
South Dakota St 95, Buffalo 80
Louisiana 82, Richmond 86 - not sure what to make of this tourney overall.  Lot of results that don't really help any resumes enough.  Iowa punted 2 games to mid-majors.  Louisiana finishes 3rd but Richmond is not very good and Iowa was their other win.  Ouches all around except Wyoming, I guess

Gulf Coast:
Northern Illinois 70, Manhattan 68
Missouri St 71, Florida Atlantic 60
Penn 68, UMKC 65
Towson 70, Georgia Southern 67 - Towson wins, a nice boon to the Colonial.  3 neutral site wins are always a net positive for a mid-major

Great Alaska Shootout:
Cal Poly 73, Charleston 68 - man, this tourney fell by the wayside.  Anyways, a catastrophic loss for Charleston, now on the wrong side of an already weak tourney.  Big blow to the CAA
Central Michigan 71, Sam Houston St 60
Idaho 69, Santa Clara 59
CS-Bakersfield 59, Alaska-Anchorage 39 - an eclectic group of mid-majors here.  Got a WAC favorite, MAC favorite, Southland favorite, and CAA favorite, and Big Sky favorite....not bad.  For now, a big strike to the CAA, a minor boon to the MAC and Big Sky

Fresno St 79, George Mason 73
Louisiana Tech 63, Evansville 61 - LaTech gets the 2 wins here

MGM Resorts:
Ole Miss 79, Rice 62
UNLV 85, Utah 58 - UNLV enters as favorites and gets the 2 wins here

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