Thursday, November 23, 2017

11/20 recap

wins of note:
North Carolina 96, @Stanford 72 - UNC always seems to do this.  Tacks on a road game to the schedule en route to whatever tournament they're doing.  And road wins are never trivial
@Syracuse 74, Oakland 50 - Oakland was a trendy mid-major pick but they're not putting up scores/results that would follow
Rider 67, @George Washington 65 - just in case you weren't sold on the catastrophic start to the year for the A-10
@Missouri 67, Emporia St 62 - this combined with injury news likely means endgame for Missouri's relevance in this blog for this year

Tournaments everywhere:

Wichita St 92, California 82
Marquette 94, VCU 83 - one of the hidden swing games that make or break a resume.  Marquette moves to the side of the bracket with Wichita and Notre Dame.  VCU loses access to a signature win chance.  It's a disaster for the A-10, who is in real trouble so far in the non-con
Notre Dame 83, Chaminade 56
LSU 77, Michigan 75 - the same situation as the Marquette/VCU game.  LSU gets access to signature win chances, Michigan doesn't.  At least for Michigan, B1G play should compensate

Cayman Islands:
Cincinnati 73, Buffalo 67 - this tournament isn't the greatest for Cincy.  They get a tanking Richmond team next, and Louisiana/Wyoming is on the other half of the bracket.  3 neutral site wins are always positive, and none of the teams are a zero, but there's no elite opponent that they can grab a signature win from here
Louisiana 80, Iowa 71 - Louisiana might actually be the better team here, I think
Wyoming 77, South Dakota St 65
Richmond 63, UAB 50 - actually a really bad loss for UAB and CUSA, given Richmond's struggles

Progressive Legends Classic:
Texas A&M 72, Oklahoma St 55 - the type of swing game SEC teams need to continue winning to improve that RPI
Penn St 85, Pitt 54

Hall of Fame Classic:
Baylor 70, Wisconsin 65 - every Tier 1 win matters
Creighton 100, UCLA 89 - UCLA is in a bit of a weird spot, resume-wise, with suspensions.  Not sure how to value this win for Creighton

Gulf Coast:
UMKC 74, Manhattan 63
Georgia Southern 74, Missouri St 73
Penn 93, Northern Illinois 80
Towson 76, Florida Atlantic 52 - this is all a cute little tournament...Missouri St was probably the favorite here and needed 3 wins to hold serve relative to the bubble....and nope

MGM Resorts Main Event:
UNLV 95, Rice 68
Utah 83, Ole Miss 74 - the two favorites win

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