Friday, January 8, 2016

1/7 recap

Louisville 77, @NC State 72 - a golden signature win chance off the board for NCSU
Notre Dame 82, @Boston College 54

@Michigan St 79, Illinois 54
@Purdue 87, Michigan 70

@UCLA 87, Arizona 84 - a signature win for UCLA, and an even bigger mess in the Pac-12.  Maybe we just put 8 of their teams on the 8-9 lines and call it a day
@USC 75, Arizona St 65 - at this point, home wins are basically service holds for the home team and no real harm for the road team (unless there's a bunch of losses like that)

@SMU 59, Cincinnati 57 - probably too much to ask of Cincy on the road, but the American is another step closer to 1-bid armageddon

@Ole Miss 74, Alabama 66 - bubble battle

St Mary's 73, @Loyola Marymount 48
@BYU 97, Santa Clara 61

Charleston > Hofstra
Northeastern and William & Mary handle the bottomfeeders
Elon > James Madison
Towson > UNCW
Northeastern is the only undefeated CAA team left at 3-0

@IUPUI 74, South Dakota St 67 - the at-large chances were slim, but alive.  This might be a dagger.  Plus NDSU lost at home as well to Omaha, so they might be the real threats now

Sun Belt:
UT-Arlington 71, @Appalachian St 67
@Arkansas-Little Rock 77, Louisiana-Lafayette 57

CUSA:  LaTech loses at home to ODU.  Figures that well after ODU plays it way out of bubble conversation, they beat the league leaders on the road.  MTSU beats UTEP at home...probably your 2nd and 3rd best CUSA teams...well maybe throw UAB in there, who also won.  Bottom line is that CUSA is a mess where the bottom half is actively hurting the top half with their poorness, and no one can establish themselves as the favorite on the top half.

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