Saturday, January 30, 2016

1/30 recap

Big 12/SEC challenge thingy:
Oklahoma 77, @LSU 75 - this doesn't hurt LSU, but they're not even on the bubble.  They needed a win to erase their sins and didn't get it
@Kansas 90, Kentucky 84 (OT) - this game will do very little to impact either's seed
@Texas A&M 72, Iowa St 62 - people are finally taking A&M on the 2 line seriously
@Florida 88, West Virginia 71 - Florida had a signature win problem.  They fixed it.  Seeding WVU is going to be tricky, because I've always thought the polls were a bit ahead of their actual value
@Baylor 83, Georgia 73 - probably Georgia's last chance to have a bubble impact this year
@Texas 72, Vanderbilt 58 - see the Georgia comment for Vandy.  Kinda important hold for Texas
@Kansas St 69, Ole Miss 64
@TCU 75, Tennessee 63
@Arkansas 75, Texas Tech 68 (OT) - bracketologists, we're smart, right?  We know what we're doing.  SO STOP PUTTING TTU IN ALL YOUR GODDAMN BRACKETS YOU FUCKING MORONS
Oklahoma St 74, @Auburn 63 - Big 12 won the challenge, and the SEC even got to bench Mizzou and MSU. 

@Dayton 59, LaSalle 44
Duquesne 78, @St Louis 67
@St Joseph's 64, Rhode Island 55 - St Joe's is a weird resume to analyze

@North Carolina 89, Boston College 62
Virginia 63, @Louisville 47 - UVa with a big signature road win, and are still fighting for the 2 line, at least.  Pretty damaging for UL if they want a protected seed
@NC State 85, Miami 69 - and speaking of damaging, this will likely cost Miami a seed line (given the heavy competition on the 3 and 4 lines)
@Syracuse 60, Georgia Tech 57 - it's looking like Syracuse is in the bubble talk for the long-term
@Florida St 76, Clemson 65 - see, Clemson, this is the problem.  Win at home all you want, but you need something, anything on the road.  You don't need a lot, just a couple.  Like this game.  And you can't get it

@SMU 80, Memphis 68
Houston 97, @East Carolina 93 (2OT) - Houston is doing the bare minimum to stay relevant
@Tulsa 62, Tulane 48

Big East:
Xavier 86, @DePaul 65
Providence 73, @Georgetown 69 - I can't imagine GU being a player down the stretch; too many body blows absorbed
@Marquette 75, Butler 69 - ok, now I'm worried about Butler
Seton Hall 75, @Creighton 65 - a very important win.  SHU gets a decent road win to solidify their bubble.  Meanwhile, Creighton is close to critical mass

@Indiana 74, Minnesota 68
@Purdue 89, Nebraska 74
Michigan 79, @Penn St 72

CAA:  Hofstra and UNC-W move to 8-2, still co-lead

@Valparaiso 97, Youngstown St 68

@Monmouth 73, St Peter's 57

New Mexico 88, @Boise St 83 - a very damaging loss
San Diego St 67, @UNLV 52 - it's probably SDSU or bust for the league

@Arizona 80, Oregon St 63
@USC 98, Washington 88 - no harm to Washington here
@Utah 96, Stanford 74 - while it's no harm to Stanford, they need to stop collecting losses in bulk
@UCLA 83, Washington St 50

@South Carolina 78, Alabama 64 - South Carolina is the one team that needed the Big 12 challenge the most, to add a quality win.  So naturally, they were left out.  D'oh
Mississippi St 76, @Missouri 62

Chattanooga 63, @Samford 56 - I think we're going to have to address their at-large candidacy soon

Sun Belt:
@Louisiana-Lafayette 90, Texas-Arlington 75 - UTA has reached bubble endgame
@Arkansas-Little Rock 63, Georgia St 53

St Mary's 68, @Pacific 65
@Gonzaga 86, San Francisco 48
@BYU 88, Pepperdine 77

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