Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1/12 recap

Big 12:
@West Virginia 74, Kansas 63 - WVU with a signature win, and nearing the lockbox.  Kansas does not have the profile they typically have, and are less secure on the 1 line than you think
@Texas 94, Iowa St 81 (OT) - ISU is losing the draft of the top 3 lines right now
@Kansas St 83, Texas Tech 70 - hey, all you idiots putting TTU in your bracket:  Stop.

Big East:
@Xavier 84, DePaul 64
Providence 50, @Creighton 48 - near disaster for Provi, and almost nearly Creighton getting themselves into the bubble conversation

@Virginia 66, Miami 58 - neither team gets a major movement either way from this one

@Michigan 70, Maryland 63 - UM gets themselves a signature win
@Northwestern 70, Wisconsin 65 - NW, staying relevant
@Nebraska 84, Minnesota 59

@Kentucky 80, Mississippi St 74
@Texas A&M 71, Florida 68 - UF will need to bink a signature win in SEC play at some point; this just wasn't it
Arkansas 94, @Missouri 61
@Vanderbilt 75, Auburn 57

George Washington 81, @UMass 70 - road wins are road wins
@Dayton 80, Davidson 74 - this was Davidson's best chance to erase earlier sins

MAC:  Akron loses at CMU, NIU wins to stay undefeated
MVC:  SIU and Evansville win and have gaudy records, but aren't bubble-worthy yet
MWC:  the mid-table of this conference is a mess.  New Mexico loses at UNLV

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